How to Coach Yourself Towards Positive Thinking

Take control of your way of thinking.

What will you learn:

  • Strategies and tricks to move towards a more positive thinking attitude.
  • Why do you need to have a positive thinking attitude?
  • Why is it important to develop one healthy positive habit at a time?
  • The connection between neurology and positive thinking.
  • The importance of the “tool of self-compassion.”
  • How our brain reacts and responses to certain triggering situations?
  • How our brain tends to decipher situations? – The part of visuals in our reactions.
  • Simple acts that can lead you to develop positive thinking.

Module Overview

Join Joanne Edmund & Crystal-Lee D. are the co-founders of Core of Wellbeing, where they help couples, teens, adults, and children. Due to being in the industry for a long time, Joanne has dealt with a vast range of disciplines as a psychologist in mental health and private practices.

This has not only helped her grow professionally but personally as well. Now she puts her heart, soul, and all that learning into her company.

In this video, the duo would be sharing a helpful strategy to always think positively about neural science. The video also emphasizes the importance of having a healthy, positive mindset and attitude about any venture you want to start or reinvent.

They are both experts in business psychology, which is why this is the mindset that you need to kick start your small business.

Move towards a more positive thinking attitude with Joanne Edmund as she walks us through some of the essential ways to give your brain the boost that it needs. At the end of this course, you would be thinking positively about all your business goals, whether they are about sustainable growth, scaling, reinventing, or others!

Joanne uses interesting metaphors and images to put her point across in the most respectable way possible.

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