How to create a brand around community

Learn how you can leverage local community for brand’s growth.

What will you learn:

  • The biggest shift happening in marketing right now.
  • Why is the community the new brand?
  • Why should you focus on building a loyal community for your brand?
  • Why should you optimize your entire business for the community?
  • How can a community help a small business sell more and build client loyalty?
  • What exactly is a brand, and why is the community the actual definition of your business?
  • What your customer should feel when they see your logo or your tagline?
  • What is it important to worry about what people say about your brand when you are not in the room?
  • How to find out a mutual interest while building a community?
  • How to project your content to the community?

Module Overview

Matthew Carlsson is the managing director and founder of Loop2 Digital, a full-time digital marketing agency operating out of South West of WA. Matthew Carlsson helps clients reach their full potential by helping them out with their digital marketing efforts. They help small and medium enterprises for long-term sustainability and growth.

During his professional career, he has helped numerous clients unlock their potential and tap into new markets. He also helps small businesses make it big in the local markets with sustainable growth in South West of WA.

It should come as no surprise that community is now the building block of any new small business. Want to know why? Because building a community is now more critical than it has ever been in the past. It is one of the most significant shifts that marketing has taken recently.

In this video, Matt talks about how the community is the new brand. He also emphasizes the fact that it is essential to optimize your entire business based on your community. At the end of this video, you will be ready to set your goals to match community building. And how you can work your way forward if you put your mind to creating a welcoming attitude for your brand.

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