How to plan the Customer Value Journey

Turn Customer from Strangers to Raving Fans.

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What will you learn:

  • What is a customer value journey?
  • What is the importance of the customer value journey?
  • The most significant issue in digital marketing.
  • The 8-step process for a customer value journey. – Ascend, Advocate, Promote, Excite, Concept, Engage, Aware, and Subscribe.
  • What are we trying to achieve from this process? – Emotional involvement and commitment to the brand.
  • The role of target persona in customer value journey.
  • What can you offer to your target persona that would push them to subscribe to your email list?
  • How to excite your customers?
  • How to ascend the ladder in the customer value journey?
  • How to spread the love with your customers? – The word of mouth.
  • How to get your clients to promote your business?

Module Overview

Matthew Carlsson is the managing director and founder of Loop2 Digital, a full-time digital marketing agency operating out of South West of WA. Matthew Carlsson helps clients reach their full potential by helping them out with their digital marketing efforts. They help small and medium enterprises for long-term sustainability and growth.

During his professional career, he has helped numerous clients unlock their potential and tap into new markets. He also helps small businesses make it big in the local markets with sustainable growth.

Since Matthew is a digital marketing expert, he has quite some experience with the customer value journey. According to him, the customer value journey is about converting strangers into loyal clients and transforming them into a family.

Ensuring that your brand provides value to the customer is essential as it sets the mark for how much you are going to earn and the profit margin that you can keep in the years to come. In this video, he talks all about how digital marketing helps in the customer value journey.

With him, you will learn the correct way to project your company to the customer that is present both online and offline.

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