How to Grant Writing in 10 min

Crash Course with five steps to a successful funding application.

What will you learn:

  • Why apply for funding for your small business/ medium business/ NGO/ startups/ others? – The need for money, sustainable growth, or others.
  • Who should apply for funding?
  • What are the different types of grant funding? – Grants, awards, tenders, and tax breaks.
  • What are funding opportunities available? – Depending on your business type.
  • Where can you find funding resources? – Website dump.
  • Who can help you with funding your startup/business? – Government facilitators, private investors, personal network.
  • Five steps to a successful funding application.
  • How to make a quick action plan for each application.

Module Overview

Join Natasha Ayers, the managing director, and co-founder at AgriStart, to learn all the tips and tricks to write your next grant application. Ayers is usually at the receiving end of grant applications, which is why her advice is highly sought after and is, of course, absolutely spot on.

Grant writing is an essential skill to ensure sustainable growth for your projects or startup and to build a solid financial ground to stand on. Making mistakes in such a crucial part of the funding process can jeopardize your project’s future that you worked so hard on.

For this very reason, you should ideally look for a grant-writing course before you even start looking for the perfect funding opportunity. You will find multiple courses online that will promise to teach you how to write the perfect grant application, but most of them will fail to equip you with something even more important.

Before you even start to write the grant application for your small business, you need to dive deep into the world of funding and figure out which one would work best for your project. In this course, you will not only learn the 5-step method of writing a winning application but also learn about the basics of funding!

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