How to create a user story mapping

Map Your Customer Journeys to Find Opportunities to Improve Customer Experience, Innovate, and Collaborate

Michael Smart - BCCI CEO · 15 September 2020

What will you learn:

  • What is user story mapping?
  • Why do you need user story mapping? – The importance.
  • What do you need to carry out this activity?
  • Four main categories for carrying out user story mapping – Discovery, learn, use, goal.
  • In-depth analysis of the four major categories.
  • The process of user story mapping.
  • An example of how to carry out the activity with a reference project.

Module Overview

Join Michael Smart – CEO of Busselton Chambers of Commerce and Industry, as he walks us through the importance of user story mapping. Do you realize how hard it is to map out a new project’s potential by just a flat product backlog?

This is precisely where the user story mapping comes into play. User story mapping is not only beneficial for building a new project or starting a new company, but it also helps in improving a previous build or scaling a small company.

User story mapping is a simple procedure to map user stories into an understandable shape. It would help you design a better user experience so that your customer keeps on coming back for more. You can stop clients from churning and switching to a competitor by carrying out a simple workshop with your team.

At the end of this course with Michael Smart, you will have all the knowledge you need to carry out this activity successfully. We would hundred percent recommend you give user story mapping a try before making any crucial changes to the build or start a new project.

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