How to take effective notes in a simple way

Learn the powerful “How Might We…” exercise.

Michael Smart - BCCI CEO · 14 September 2020
Business Skill

What will you learn:

  • The importance of taking notes.
  • What is the need for sharable notes?
  • Why should you prioritize the points that you jot down?
  • How to take notes that the entire team can share?
  • The two most important things for taking notes.
  • How might we? – The note-taking exercise by Procter & Gambled.
  • Real-life use case of “How might we?” exercise.

Module Overview

Join Michael Smart – CEO of Busselton Chambers of Commerce and Industry, as he walks us through the importance of taking effective and usable notes. You might be thinking that this is one of the easiest things ever, especially since we all have quite a lot of experience in this department. However, most of us fail to realize that we usually make errors in the most basic things.

This shirt video will teach you how to make your notes even more effective and easy to understand. Michael Smart will share all his super-secret tips and tricks to enable you to make the most out of those handwritten notes.

Since he has been in the industry for a very long time and his day job includes helping businesses making the most out of their potential, it is safe to assume that he has some brilliant tips under his sleeves.

At the end of this super fun, super short video, you will know how to take shareable, organized, and clear notes that are easy to prioritize. Join us as we through the basics of note-taking and make the most of our time.

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