How to achieve sustainable growth for your business

The Four Truths of healthy Business Growth.

What will you learn:

  • What are the four main truths of growing a business?
  • Why do you need to put effort on your business instead of in your business?
  • How to achieve a healthy balance between planning and executing plans for your business?
  • Why is the purpose of your business the fundamental behind sustainable growth?
  • Why should making money not be the main purpose of your business? – The greater reason behind doing what you are doing.
  • Why nobody makes it on their own? – The main reason behind needing a cheerleader and a team and not trying to do everything yourself.
  • Why is it important to learn to let it go enough to allow your business to grow?
  • Why personal growth and business growth go hand in hand?

Module Overview

Growing your business is no joke. It takes a whole lot of determination, motivation, stress, hard work, and future planning to get a startup on its feet. However, most people you meet will tell you that being an entrepreneur is not as hard as working 9 to 5. After all, you are your boss. Sadly, they cannot be any more wrong.

When working on a business and ensuring that it stays on the path with sustainable growth, you need to take care of much more than you can imagine.

This course will give you precisely what you need. It walks you through the four hard truths of business growth. Moreover, it teaches you how you can achieve stability when it comes to scaling a company. In this course, Iain Massey or “The Board Bloke” will give out comprehensive knowledge about the four main points you need to keep in mind about business growth. This course will fully equip you with the necessary knowledge to make your side hustle your primary business at the end of this video.

Since Iain Massey runs a consultancy business, he is pretty good at educating people and teaching them exactly what they need to know.

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